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Other web sites to visit about questionable organ donations

What happened to Parmanand Mishra; Alder Hey Organs Scandal; A Baby's Story;
Not Just Urban Legend; Moldova Leads in Illegal Organ Trafficking;
Biomedical Tissue Services
(i.e. body parts harvesting);

Other web sites to visit about Reconstruction of Accidents

Vehicular Accident Reconstruction; Skid Marks on Road Surface;
Accident Reconstruction ;
Human Cannonball - average distance 43 metres, soars approximately 21 metres -
it was claimed that Andrew's throw distance was 45 metres after impact and
that he soared 5 to 15 metres

My other web site

Read how I had my home and monies stolen from me
and how I was physically assaulted since Andrew's murder

Rort in the Courts

Do you know of a similar narrative? Yes! Do you know of any human rights abuse issue in Australia?
Then contact me at my email address.

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